Bring a personal touch to your playground equipment…

With the decorative technique available with Grafic Games, you can give even more character to your designs. This represents genuine added value for public spaces, giving them a unique aesthetic dimension for children who love to let their imagination run wild!

Your decoration remains completely versatile and can be used to personalise all of your Proludic play equipment or just specific items of your choice.

…and it’s so easy!

Introducing Grafic Games to a project is very simple. Just choose one of the six exclusive graphic designs created by Proludic’s designers and select the items of equipment on which you want it to appear.

With this service, the imagination has no limits!

Send us your theme and we will produce visuals that respond to your wishes so that you can incorporate them into your play equipment.

The advantages of Grafic Games

Exclusive technology developed internally by Proludic

Can be used with all Proludic panels

Varnish finish: long-lasting and resistant to graffiti removal products

Adaptable budget: personalise one or more items of equipment

Get inspired!

Our Grafic Games range won the Good Design® Selection 2015 award at Australia’s most prestigious competition dedicated to the Promotion of Design and Innovation.

Request a visit from your Area Manager to give you the Grafic Games brochure

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