Our integrated production plant is a key performance driver for our company.

Our technical teams, organised in ultra-specialist workshops, are experts in specialised manufacturing processes for working with wood, metal and rope, as well as plastics and composite materials.
The manufacture of raw materials involves a series of operations combining manual work and cutting-edge machinery and technology, to produce the finished parts for each of our play structures.

The combination of traditional craftsmanship and high technology is the cornerstone of our production system. Our customers benefit from the added value we are able to provide in the requirements for quality, strength & visual appeal in our play structures.

The flexibility of our production plant is also a plus point for the company. Our organisation and our ability to adapt means that we can manufacture products with a great many variants and can come up with unique, totally personalised structures.

In 2016, Proludic manufactured:
50,000m of tubes
34,000m of rope
40,500m² of panels



Tube bending is a skill in which our technicians are experts, working on numerically controlled bending machines. Working closely with the engineers in our design office, they shape steel to form the framework components and play elements of our equipment.

Numerous shapes can be produced, ranging from the simple to the complex and the inventive, but they all meet rigorous requirements in terms of combining perfect geometry with mechanical strength.



Rope work is fully integrated in our factory processes.
Starting with a raw material supplied in reels, our dedicated specialist team carries out all the stages in the production process right through to complete assembly of the element.
Using steel core ropes provides very high resistance to heavy loads and a great deal of flexibility in the shapes to be created. Our assembly system, which uses joining pieces specially developed for Proludic, enables us to offer a wide range of mesh types and sizes with a variety of play features.

The assembly area in our workshops is also specially adapted to allow for the creation of large 2D and 3D projects such as our pyramid, which is over 5m high.

Cutting out panels


With our state of the art machinery and the skills of our operators, we can make all shapes of 2D panels in a wide variety of materials, including timber, compact laminate, polycarbonate and polyethylene.
This cutting expertise enables us to offer numerous ranges of play equipment with specific mechanical or physical features or looks, as well as meeting all types of bespoke requirements.
As this activity is managed in house, this also means that we can be quick and adaptable in our responses to customers’ requests.

Cut-out panels in some materials can also be enhanced by painting, engraving or graphic personalisation using the Grafic Games process.