Article published on 15 July 2022

As we are currently in a heat wave in the UK, we thought it would be useful to provide solutions that can be applied in the UK but are used regularly by our Australian subsidiary around high heat, children’s safety and UV levels.

As providers of children’s outdoor play equipment and fitness areas worldwide, we care deeply about the playground safety standards and comfort of people using outdoor playground equipment. We are all becoming more aware of the potential health issues that can be caused by high levels of heat and UV outdoors. Proludic is taking action to learn more about these issues, inform our clients and provide solutions to help reduce the possible discomforts caused by heat and ensure children’s safety is maintained.

It’s hot out there in the sun! – How we adapt Proludic play equipment to suit Australian weather conditions.

We all need to take care when playing or exercising outside. This includes being aware that parts of play equipment such as slides and large swing seats may heat up when exposed to direct sunlight on a hot day.

In Australia, Proludic has adapted its children’s outdoor play equipment to suit Australian weather conditions to provide the best possible solutions for clients. We can:

• Provide lighter colours of polyethylene slides, Pod Swing seats and Rotofun seats;
• Apply special coatings to help reduce the surface temperatures of stainless steel slides, carousel floors, and Wok bowls;
• Supply polyester slide alternatives on Multiplay units.

These adaptations help reduce surface temperatures on these parts in order to improve thermal comfort and lower the risk of heat-related incidents.

Diabolo Baby with polyester slide

It’s also essential to ensure the correct positioning of play equipment and play structures in the design phase of a new project. For example, orientating slides in a southerly direction (and northerly for UK sites) helps avoid a harsh glare from the sun. Wherever possible existing shade sources such as trees can be utilised to help provide shade over the playground. When there are no existing shade sources available then the provision of a well-designed shade structure can be considered.

Talk to your local Proludic Area Manager to find out more about implementing these solutions in the UK.

During the period of intense heat that we are currently experiencing we recommend that both children and their carers keep hydrated, appropriately dressed (including headwear) with sun cream applied, and take regular rests in a shaded area. Children’s safety is of paramount importance while enjoying an outdoor play space, particularly in hot weather.


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