Got a New Years Fitness Resolution…

So we have all been there…had a fantastic Christmas but perhaps over indulged in chocolates, mince pies, turkey and drinks. We are guessing some of the most popular new years resolutions are based around fitness and getting healthier and more active going into the new year.

Whatever fitness targets you have set yourself, make sure your goals are realistic and you can stay motivated to maintain them. All too often people have the best of intentions, start off really well but by the time we get to March the good habits have long gone.

The #ProludicSportsApp is one way in which you can sustain those fitness goals at a manageable pace and with friends to support you on your journey. Its free to use, tracks your exercises and connects you to your friends and other local community members who use the equipment. Best of all there are no gym fees, the equipment is outdoors (Yes this can have its drawbacks, rain and cold weather etc) but lets not forget working out outdoors is far more beneficial to our health overall. No pain, no gain!

So we have got a great competition for you with some perfect incentives. We’re giving away £50 of M&S vouchers – which can be spent on your weekly shopping bill or any other M&S products that take your fancy. All you need to do is simply like our Facebook post and page and download our Proludic sport app and let us know with a comment where your local park is.

Please remember to use the dedicated #proludicsportapp and good luck! We can’t wait to find out how you are getting on with it all so please send us any photos and feedback your findings. 

If you do want to talk to us about outdoor gym or sports projects then please get in touch, through our contact page here on the website, calling 0115 982 3980 or lastly emailing