Site: Clapham Common, Lambeth, London, SW4 9DE

Budget: £350,000

Age Range: Toddler, Junior, Families, Inclusive

Date Opened: 09-September-2020

Ranges: Diabolo, Biibox

Located two miles from the River Thames, the Clapham Common play area is a popular open space in south London. The project brief was to transform the old, dated children’s play area into a vibrant space for local families and their children so they can benefit from a fully inclusive, innovative play experience that caters to all ages and abilities using durable materials.

The innovative playground design proposed by Proudic achieved a Gold PIPA (Plan Inclusive Play Areas) award, which is a first in the London Borough of Lambeth. The design included a train with a station hut ideal for role play and a sensory sound area. Children can wander around the playground and encounter a giant ladybird and rainbow on the sensory pathways constructed from different materials to create an engaging play journey.

Three large Multiplay Units were selected, along with various swings specifically intended to accommodate the high footfall of visitors aged from toddler, junior through to teenagers ensuring they can play together.

Proludic staff were pleasant to deal with and took a flexible approach to making alterations to the design and delivery of the project.

Caroline Streeks, Project Manager, London Borough of Lambeth

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