Site: Across 15 Sites in Knowsley

Budget: £300,000

Age Range: 14+ years

Date Opened: 14-November-2016

Knowsley Borough Council wanted to deliver 15 diverse outdoor fitness sites under the Green Gym Initiative. They knew through statistics that Knowsley was suffering from high inactivity levels and they wanted to address this. They strategically chose 15 sites across the borough, 14 of which were in some of the most deprived areas; that would allow all residents to benefit from free, accessible and quality leisure facilities. The council wanted each site to be bespoke and unique to the varied environments. They wanted great care and attention given to the choice of equipment, aesthetic fit and also the quality of the product.

In 2013 Knowsley adults were identified as exercising less than the national average, the average life expectancy — Men 56.9yrs and women 57.5yrs. 23% of deaths were caused by cardiovascular disease.

We partnered with Knowsley Council to produce 15 unique and impressive sites which will cater to the whole community providing 146,000 residents with free, accessible and quality outdoor fitness facilities within 10mins from their homes.

Part of the reason we chose Proludic as our partner was the diverse range of equipment that they could offer. They have delivered a brilliant project that will help benefit the community for years to come.

Caroline Davies, Public Open Spaces Manager

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