Site: Park Road, Moorends, Doncaster, DN8 4QR

Budget: £165,000

Age Range: All ages & abilities

Date Opened: 24-May-2018

Ranges: Bespoke Design

When Proludic received tender documents from Thorne Moorends Town Council calling for a new play area and equipment for older children which must be “inventive, creative, inclusive and stimulating” we knew that we would be able to create something very special!

Having researched the Town’s history and speaking with members of the local community it became clear that their rich mining heritage was something that they were very proud of. As the play area was to be sited on the Miners Welfare Ground it was only fitting that we designed a bespoke facility that reflected and celebrated this.

Our mining-themed design incorporates a 6.6m high ‘pit head’ tower, giving the whole area a real WOW factor and focal point. Wet pour graphics were created to enhance the overall theme, creating a space that families can enjoy together for many years to come.

Older children have been provided with a selection of exhilarating, physically challenging items from the Proludic Dynamic Structures and Cylogym BMX Ramp ranges. All of these were selected to engage and challenge teenagers, encouraging physical activity as well as providing a fun social meeting area just for them!

It’s taken a long time and a lot of hard work by many people but I’m delighted to be able to finally open our brilliant new play area and equipment for older children!

Cllr Susan Durant – Mayor of Thorne and Moorends

I’m really impressed that Proludic managed to get the play area completed on budget and in time for the official opening at the Town Gala. I’ve been very happy with Proludic throughout this process.

Chris Geeson – Interim Clerk at Thorne Moorends Town Council

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