Your Community Can with This Girl Can and Proludic

Proludic are pleased to announce the launch of a new video in support of the This Girl Can initiative.

The video shows how high quality outdoor gym facilities in parks which are freely accessible to local communities, can be used to great effect. In particular we can see an all women fitness session being run with great success on the Proludic Urbanix equipment range.

As many people know This Girl Can is a national campaign run by Sport England and launched in 2014 to promote the benefits of getting more girls and women involved in exercise and sport.

In the UK we recognise that women and girls are falling short in comparison to men on completing the required amount of physical activity. This brilliant campaign aims to encourage more women and girls aged between 14 and 40 years to get involved in sport and not be ashamed, embarrassed or frightened to do so.

We fully support This Girl Can as working within the play and sport sector, we are hugely aware of the problem and have been avid campaigners for some time for a change in providing the right equipment that all demographics can enjoy and use.

This is why in 2008 we launched the MUSA campaign (Multi Use Sports Area) to try and positively engage female teenagers into using free and local sports equipment in their parks.

We believe that by educating Local Authorities and other providers in how to provide the right equipment and showing them how different sessions can be organised and run on the equipment once installed – we can help to combat this problem and make a huge difference.

To arrange for a Proludic representative to present this video and highlight how your community can get involved please email quoting ‘our community can!’.

Twitter hashtag: #yourcommunitycan