We have created the reference J3415 in our "Fun panels & Sound and musical games" range. This module is accessible from 1 year. It can accommodate up to 2 users.

The size of the module is: 1.15 m wide, 0.07 m. deep, 1.20 m. high.

3 play functions

role play
Role play
Role plays promote the child's intellectual and social skills.
visual stimulation
Visual stimulation
It awakens curiosity and memorisation further helping the child to concentrate to better assimilate the details or to succeed in the associations of colors.
By playing together, children learn how to interact with other personalities and behaviors.
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Age range: 1+
Number of users: 2 users
Size: 1.15 x 0.07 x 1.20 m

Equipment installation

Surface: 11.00 m2
Total weight: 33.20 kg
Weight of the heaviest element: 32.38 kg


The products in our catalogues all comply with current European standards and are TÜV approved. Our website offers many additional configurations for which Proludic certifies compliance.
- JXXXX TÜV certification
- JXXXX* Proludic Certification
Side view
Side view
View from above
View from above