• 14 +
  • 1 users
  • 0.68 m
  • 1.15 x 0.6 x 1.45 m

Installation of equipment

  • 00:00:00
  • 15.6 m2
  • 80 kg


Hydraulic Abdominals
The Hydraulic Abdominal machine has been created to work your midsection (abdominals) to give enhanced definition. The resistance works on levels 1-8 which caters to a weight of 5 -40kg so you can find the perfect level to suit your ability. Suitable for all ages from 14 years upwards, it is available for 1 user at a time and 1 activity. Signage on the equipment with QR tag technology linking to instructional videos on how to safely use the equipment will also aid users.