• 14 +
  • 1 users
  • 1.21 m
  • 1.57 x 0.97 x 2.1 m

Installation of equipment

  • 00:00:00
  • 18.4 m2
  • 60 kg


Chin up and Dip Station
The Chin up and Dip is a multi-activity station which focuses on developing upper body muscles and particularly the back, triceps and biceps. With no piston resistance the chin up and dip station can be used a variety of ways depending on the strength and ability of the user. More than 1 user can exercise on the station at the same time so you can socialise with a friend while working out. Suitable for ages 14 years and upwards. Signage on the equipment with QR tag technology linking to instructional videos on how to safely use the equipment will also aid users.