We have created the reference R37-UBX-248B in our "Urbanix Outdoor Gym Stations" range. This module is accessible from 14 years. It can accommodate up to 1 user.

Hydraulic High Pulley
The Hydraulic High Pulley has been developed to specifically target and define the chest and back muscles. The bi-directional piston offers a resistance of between 10-45kg and has 2 different activities on it. Suitable for ages 14 years and upwards the equipment can only be used by 1 user at a time. Signage on the equipment with QR tag technology linking to instructional videos on how to safely use the equipment will also aid users.


Age range: 14+
Number of users: 1 user
FFH : 0.50 m
Size: 0.90 x 0.85 x 1.45 m

Equipment installation

Surface: 14.80 m2
Total weight: 80.00 kg


The products in our catalogues all comply with current European standards and are TÜV approved. Our website offers many additional configurations for which Proludic certifies compliance.
- JXXXX TÜV certification
- JXXXX* Proludic Certification
UBX - 248 High Pulley
UBX - 248 High Pulley
Side view
Side view


The framework

The framework of the workstations is made from 3.5 to 4mm thick, hot-dipped galvanised steel, protected by a polyester powder coated finish. This treatment... provides high levels of durability, notably in coastal locations. Read more

The seat and back support

The seat and back support are made from a polyurethane compound, providing a soft and ergonomic surface for the user, similar to those found in gym settings. The elements... conform to the SGS TB117 fire test requirements. Read more

The stainless steel

The stainless steel waterproof bearing has been subjected to tests involving over 10,000 hours of constant use.

The hydraulic

The hydraulic oil piston is made up of elements manufactured from chrome, aluminium and stainless steel. Users can adjust the resistance from just a few kilogrammes... up to as much as 60kg on certain machines. Read more