Article published on 12 February 2020

Here at Proludic we have been off to a busy and exciting 2020! We have multiple projects in the pipeline and we are pleased to see our new products in demand.

The start of 2020 saw the launch of our new catalogue which includes 44 new products added to a number of our play and sport ranges. So, what are Proludic’s offerings for 2020?


Firstly, we have a brand-new range called Diabolo Baby which is available in two colour palettes and is dedicated to early childhood. Our original Diabolo range is aimed at children from the age of 2 years onwards. The new Diabolo Baby range is modular in nature which means the equipment is now suitable for children from the age of 6 months and can be added to the existing Diabolo range. This creates a play area which will accommodate children of a wider age range and encourage more interaction. The classic play features remain while offering more varied and complex combinations to keep children challenged and engaged.


For older children, Proludic have introduced various themed multiplay units. These include the ‘Jungle city which consists of a steel mesh netting tunnel and tubular slide located 3.50 meters up a tower. It accommodates up to 48 children aged from 3 years upwards. We also introduce our new Discovery multiplay unit in the shape of an aeroplane complete with two slides. In addition, our Pharos multiplay unit is inspired by one of the seven ancient wonders of the world – the Egyptian lighthouse located at the mouth of port Alexandria. As expected, it is tall in nature, standing almost 7 meters tall while accommodating up to 18 children.

Our popular natural timber Origin’ range has been extended with 5 new themed multiplay structures suitable for any playground. These pieces can really help with theming a play area. They include an explorers’ hut, bear climbing frame, a plane, boat and jeep, suitable for children aged from 1 year upwards.


The Ludic’ Express is a new transport related product from our city range for children aged from 2 years upwards. The Ludic’ Express has cars children can sit on whilst moving around a giant circular track which has a diameter of 6 meters. As well as being great fun it is fantastic for the development of children’s motor skills, coordination and interaction through team play.

As interaction is essential to children’s social development, Proludic encourage opportunities for this in all our ranges. This includes sand and water play from our educational and sensory equipment range. Our new sand and water play stations offer a source of discovery and experimentation which is ideal for cognitive development.

For older children, our Roll Runner has been developed and is now also available as an Interactive Roll Runner and includes electronic and interactive features such as lights and sounds. The giant wheel is 2.30 meters high and is ideal for providing children with opportunities to challenge each other whilst being active.


Proludic’s iconic Multi Use Games Areas (MUGAs) have been improved for 2020 with further development of an anti-noise design and ultra-strong fencing. In addition to this, the multi-use games areas and Street Workout equipment are now both modular meaning they can be combined and customised to create a multi-functional fitness area. Proludic’s multi use games areas are now available in more shapes and sizes than ever before!


Our leading Urbanix outdoor gym range has also seen new developments with 4 pieces of equipment that can recharge smart devices via an inbuilt weatherproof USB port as they work out. This is a fantastic feature which adds to an already unrivalled unique range. This is due to its hydraulic piston which offers 8 levels of resistance giving users a controlled workout similar to exercises undertaken on traditional indoor gym facilities.

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