Creating innovative playgrounds with a unique look

How often do we travel with our children to find somewhere new to play? To discover a playground that has something new, a concept not seen before or equipment unique to its setting, but never find it

Just as fashions and trends change the way we look at technology and design so should they influence play. Architectural form has influenced play by the introduction of asymmetrical play structures. Stainless steel has enhanced the aesthetics bringing a modern fresh feel to play areas. But we need to push the boundaries again and Proludic, innovators in their field have done this by the introduction of Grafic Games.

Grafic Games is a bold new concept in the outdoor play equipment industry, combining quality manufacturing with graphic design.

It is an opportunity to raise the profile of playgrounds and turn them into a real talking point within the community.

The possibility of transforming your play space is endless. Standard themes can be chosen from six differing inspirations. However, the fun begins when you create your own bespoke design whereby any design can be used and printed onto the panels which form the construction of the play sculpture.

Art meets play in an inspiring way to add an additional story to any play space.