Grafic Games transform the playground into a unique, personalised and completely innovative venue.

Original, innovative and audacious all at the same time, the Grafic Games decorative technique has been designed to personalise all our play structures. This heralds an ideal opportunity to embrace a new form of expression, create a stir and bring real added value to your playground.

Proludic’s in-house teams are experts in the Grafic Games solution, which combines technology and graphic arts to produce unique designs for each playground. Showcasing the symbolic features of your local heritage, adapting your visual identity to create a design with a more corporate edge, personalising children’s play equipment to produce optical illusions, replicating an artistic, musical or literary theme, actively taking part in choosing the decor… the sky is the limit when it comes to the creative streak of the designers at Proludic.

This completely flexible technique can be used to add a personal touch to just a few items of equipment or the entire playground.

Although the Grafic Games customisation technique applies to all our existing ranges, it can also be perfectly integrated into bespoke playground projects. This decorative solution can help emphasise the originality and unique design of a specific playground.

Grafic Games is available in six exclusive graphical finishes: Grafic, Etnik, Océane, Amazone, Metropolis and Medieval.

They draw their inspiration from highly visual themes whose colours and patterns play an integral role in painting a specific imaginary world. Children can be treated to a cheerful, enchanting playground adorned with countless symbols and details.

Grafic finish

A Grafic finish play area

Etnik finish

An Etnik finish play area

Océane finish

An Océane finish play area

Metropolis finish

A Metropolis finish play area

Medieval finish

A Medieval finish play area

Amazone finish

An Amazone finish play area