Large towers: A WOW! effect for your play area

Want to create a play area that will knock their socks off?
Proludic’s large towers are sure to attract crowds of excited children, ready to challenge themselves in a variety of activities and let their imagination run wild!

Proludic’s large towers are easy to spot.
These towers are grandiose, with a majestic combination of geometry, colour and rich detail. They are the centerpiece and an iconic part of any play area. They stretch up to a height of over 8 meters, making them visible from afar and give children a panoramic view of the entire area. They also take children on a journey into an imaginary world and open up a host of possibilities for play and fantastic adventures.

The possibilities for fun are endless!

Play is everywhere, at every level of these large multi-play structures that are accessible for several age groups.
At the ground level, there are play panels, climbing walls and hammocks. More experienced children can climb up the standard stairs or rope stairs inside the structure to get an adrenalin rush. Higher up in the structure, they will find sometimes asymmetric playhouses perched at the top. They can gather, hide, and invent a thousand tales that they can fully experience, creating their imaginary world. They can move between towers by crawling through a steel-wire tunnel or making their way across a gangway, thrilled by the plunging drop below. Large kayak or spiral slides provide a dizzying ride down!

These towers add a unique and unexpected dimension to the environment, with exciting themes.

Have a specific request? Proludic’s designers will be able to find a solution

We have many examples of bespoke projects developed with the creativity and industrial rigour of Proludic’s R&D department.
The Grafic Games personalisation technique can also be used to give a distinctive finish to the structure and ensure that the play area is unique. The possibilities are endless!

Choose from our most popular themes

Kanopé range

The impressive Kanopé towers, which stand nearly 9 m tall, make children feel like they’re climbing through the forest. The structures are designed to allow them to choose the level of challenge they feel comfortable with. Their adventures take place in a safe and fun environment as they climb to new heights.

Metropolis range

In a retro-futuristic environment, children set off to conquer an amazing city where ultra-modern architecture is combined with old machines.
Peepholes, propellers, periscopes and gear wheels are strong visual features that inspire creative ideas.

Aventure range

Each of the heavily themed structures is crowned with distinctive shapes and covered with lush, wild vegetation. Many details reinforce the basic aspect of the Amazonian structures: windows  at odd angles, irregular panels of the towers, leaves and trees…

Medieval range

The giant feudal towers evoke a fairy-tale world where knights and princesses have the leading role. They are recognisable thanks to their elaborate design with dungeons topped with battlements and hung with banners. They transport children to another era, opening up a host of possibilities for play and imagination.

Aquatica range

Lighthouses cast their anchors in our play area to create a maritime atmosphere where children can be lighthouse keepers, fishermen, or boaters.
They imagine themselves overlooking a calm sea or a raging ocean as they climb the steps to the top and then set off again towards the waves by sliding down the different slides.

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