[ Exercise: a habit to be taken seriously to maintain a healthy body and a healthy mind. ]

Physical and sporting activity brings many benefits with it and these are further enriched by taking part in outdoor exercise.

Despite its acknowledged and well-documented positive effects, the practice of physical and sporting activity still comes up against obstacles: “I’m not in good physical condition”, “It’s too hard!” “I haven’t got time”, etc.

Proludic has developed a strategy to overcome most of the barriers that dissuade people from taking part in sports by emphasising the fun, pleasure and wellbeing that fitness activities can bring.

Proludic designs inclusive and mixed-gender sports & fitness areas that cater for every generation. They promote or help maintain an active lifestyle, regardless of the user’s age, abilities, level and objectives. Proludic’s designs also help develop motor skills while maximising fun in an outdoor environment that is openly available at all times.

ACTI’FUN is the playful way to move and feel good!

What better way than play is there to encourage the practice of physical and sports activities from a very early age and give everyone the desire to adopt good lifestyle habits in the long term?

With its ranges of outdoor fun-sport equipment (ACTI’Fit, ACTI’Street, ACTI’Ninja, Multi-Use Games Areas, Dynamic Structures and Trampolines), ACTI’FUN is Proludic’s way of making movement an integral part of the everyday routines for as many community members as possible (from 6-year-old children through to senior citizens) and making sport an enjoyable experience. The products meet the needs of all different users within a play-based context, as is proved by two indicators: The sports formula and the motivations to enjoy fun-sport, which can be found in each of the technical sheets.

  • The sports formula for a healthy and active lifestyle:
  • The motivations to enjoy fun-sport

ACTI’FUN: six fun-sport ranges for everyone


Fitness stations and equipment based on apparatus installed in outdoor sports areas for a wide variety of fun-sport applications.

Ergonomically optimised to provide access for all and permit multiple applications both when exercising and relaxing, they are the perfect way of permitting free, independent outdoor fitness activities whether individually or in groups.


Street Workout is an urban sport, a cross between weightlifting and gymnastics. It involves a series of exercises calling for strength, flexibility and balance.

The structures address issues of current social importance by providing mixed, multi-generational and inclusive Street Workout zones. The various items of equipment provide different levels of difficulty in order to encourage use by all your target groups.


The ACTI’Ninja Trails are Ninja-inspired obstacle trails and sports trails designed to encourage as many people as possible to take up physical activity.

They consist of obstacles that can be linked together and that need to be overcome using strength, balance, endurance, or flexibility. Each person progresses at his or her own pace or tries to beat the stopwatch triggered at the starting line: depending on the sports targets and usage context.

Multi-Use Games Areas

Multi-Use Games Areas (MUGAs) are structures that appeal in particular to the young generation and provide facilities for various ball sports in a single location: football, basketball, handball, volleyball, hockey, badminton, etc.

These areas encourage social interaction among users and feature increasingly innovative accessories that maximise the fun sport’s potential and offer users new shared experiences: shooting targets, smartphone holder, vertical jump activity, scorebaord, etc.

Dynamic Structures

Designed for adrenaline-loving pre-teens, teenagers and young adults, the Dynamic Structures encourage users to push their limits and embrace new challenges in a fun environment.

Most of the equipment is inspired by extreme sports, generally practiced in the air, on water, or in the mountains. These sports have been reinterpreted in games encompassing a wide range of physical activities: heights, speed, acrobatics and rotation.


The trampoline is ideal to encourage a natural approach to sports.

It helps children develop motor skills, coordination, balance and muscle strength.

It invites adults to go back to their childhood…  or to practice a fitness activity guaranteeing a complete workout with cardio, muscle-building, toning and balance.

The ACTI’FUN app: a personal trainer for the users of your equipment!

You can offer added value to the users that visit your sports areas thanks to the QR code present on each item of ACTI’FUN play-sport equipment. This is because these QR codes take users to an app that includes exercise videos.

Whatever their sports profile and capabilities, users will find numerous training ideas here and can choose the ones that suit them best in the light of various criteria: level, access for persons with disabilities, type of desired activity and personal profile (teenager looking for a challenge, intense physical activity, fun-sport, etc.) etc.

The training sessions are stored in the history so that users can display a list of their activities and repeat those they want by selecting them directly in the list.

And for even more fun, the users of your sports areas can take up challenges and even compete with their friends!

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