Playgrounds and sports areas: a solution to today’s urban planning challenges

Over the last few decades, urban development policies have ushered in a host of radical changes on society. The face of our cities may have undergone a major makeover, but quality of life continues to top the list of concerns among citizens and local authorities alike.
Nowadays, it is hard or even impossible to think of an urban or rural community without an area where people of every generation can meet up, relax, socialise and enjoy a range of outdoor activities. Installing a leisure area near homes is a key criterion in any urban planning policy with aims of fostering a living environment to serve the needs of the general public.

With a track record of more than 30 years in designing playgrounds and sports areas, Proludic delivers support and guidance to public sector clients (and private organisations contracted to provide a public service) in leading their urban development strategies. Proludic offers an end-to-end range of bespoke solutions to address the associated social, economic and environmental challenges.


Challenge no. 1

Improve life in the community

  • Create an area that is open to everyone for relaxing, improving their well-being and enjoying a range of outdoor activities
  • Recognise the importance of a leisure space and its role in raising the quality of life for local inhabitants
  • Improve the natural environment and breathe life into the community’s “green lungs”
  • Design spaces offering easy access
  • Create an area that will foster a sense of attachment among the local inhabitants

Challenge no. 2

Live together in harmony

  • Improve the site’s social aspect by creating a space that builds bridges between every generation while promoting diversity and inclusion
  • Create an inviting site that helps improve relations between inhabitants
  • Provide the public with a free space where they can participate in activities together or spend time with their friends and family

Challenge no. 3

Reconcile urban life with health and well-being

  • Create a space that encourages people to exercise in keeping with public health policies aimed at tackling childhood obesity and cardiovascular disease in adults
  • Create an area that contributes towards the harmonious development of children’s motor, psychomotor, cognitive, sensory and social skills
  • Offer spaces where team sports improve socialisation and ties between teenagers

Challenge no. 4

Invest in making cities more appealing

  • Create a meaningful area that enhances the city’s image
  • Create a space that showcases the city and its surrounding areas
  • Look at the space as a driving force for creating value for the surrounding environment (property, local amenities, etc.)

Proludic: multidisciplinary skills to power your urban development projects

From analysing your project brief through to installing, servicing and maintaining your playground or sports area, Proludic can draw strength from the expertise of its project teams. Their wide range of skills can drive each of your projects down the road to success.

The initial aim is to gain an insight into your budgetary constraints, your objectives, the expected amount of footfall, the target audience and any features specific to the site and surrounding environment. Our local sales engineers are on hand to help define every aspect of your project. They are also responsible for becoming intimately familiar with the project site and even involving local residents or potential users in certain cases.
This approach enables our teams to find the best solutions meeting all your recreational, technical, architectural and regulatory requirements, while ensuring that the project blends seamlessly into the local environment. The next stage involves examining the project’s feasibility and delivering a relevant response in terms of the choice of products, the design for the playground or sports area, and the site’s theme or mood.

  • Play solutions: catering for all age ranges, as well as their needs and expectations
  • Technical solutions: equipment dimensions, choice of materials, floor surfacing
  • Architectural solutions: environment, local heritage
  • Regulatory solutions: standards governing play equipment, sports and playgrounds
  • Integration into the landscape: local homes, roads, vegetation, furniture


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