Galvanized steel is a low-maintenance material!

Steel is a widely used material as it withstands heavy loads and high-tension stress levels.
Proludic has developed its round, square, or curved galvanised steel posts for use with its equipment.

The fluted aspect of the painted galvanised steel posts ensures an efficient anti-graffiti protective barrier.
The grainy flecked finish in two shades of grey help conceal scratches and thus ensure the aesthetic durability of the posts.

Mechanical advantages

Steel is a frequently used material as it can withstand heavy loads and high stress.

Our metal posts are made of 2.5-mm thick galvanised steel to meet the requirements for robustness and safety of play structures.

Physical advantages

Our posts are guaranteed to last for a long time in a wide range of climatic conditions, thanks to:

  • the steel galvanisation process, which is highly effective against corrosion.
  • the application of a polyester powder coating that is extremely resistant to UV rays and temperature variations.

Galvanised and painted galvanised steel posts are easy to maintain and offer excellent resistance to the most aggressive chemicals.

Aesthetic advantages

The polyester powder coating protects the material from air and water while providing a decorative, uniform and shiny finish.

. Steel is a 100% recyclable material
. Recycling steel creates significant mineral savings (raw materials) as well as saving energy and water needed to make it.
. Polyester powder coatings are solvent-free and require neither thinner nor water to be applied. They have no impact on air, water or soil pollution.

Galvanised steel is used for the following ranges of outdoor play equipment