Our mission

In keeping with its values, Proludic’s mission is to create play and sports areas that contribute to the development and well-being of its users.

  • We design, manufacture and install products and spaces that are playful, high-quality and safe. They are universal, innovative and inclusive, meeting the diverse needs of children, teenagers and adults.
  • We also work to transform leisure areas into living spaces where living well together finds its full meaning.
  • We carry out market and sector monitoring that allows us to innovate whilst remaining eco-responsible.
  • In order to offer true local and high-quality service to our clients throughout our products’ life cycle, we combine our international reach with a local presence.

Our values

1 – Experience

  • Designing playground equipment that is durable and can withstand all climates
  • Proposing designs for use by all
  • Incorporating all business areas, from design to manufacturing, installation and maintenance
  • Controlling manufacturing and all stages of production
  • Integrating the play area into an all-encompassing design concept

2 – Innovation

  • Observing trends, taking into account the needs of clients and users to nurture creativity
  • Having a continuous product improvement process
  • Daring to do things differently
  • Creating iconic, bespoke play areas

3 – Commitments

For children

  • Ensuring the safety of all children
  • Encouraging children to play together
  • Supporting humanitarian programmes that support children globally

For the environment

For our clients

  • Guaranteeing a high standard of business ethics
  • Satisfying clients and users

For our employees

  • Placing our employees at the centre of our company

4 – Proximity

  • Sharing children’s educational play environment, understanding users’ expectations and needs
  • Supporting clients from start to finish
  • Building lasting relationships: with clients, service providers, distribution networks, suppliers, employees
  • Actively listening to clients to better meet their needs
  • Helping clients maintain their play areas by offering a responsive After-sales service