Proludic has created a selection of events giving its teams the ideal opportunity to showcase their skills and values.

Whether inaugurating a new playground and sports area, organising an event for specific types of clients, taking part in a trade show, participating in a festival corresponding to one of the company’s areas of expertise, or attending an awards ceremony, there are countless testaments to Proludic’s expertise, such as at its clients’ sites or during events featuring industry professionals.

02 11


SLCC National Conference – UK

Jury’s Inn, Hinckley Island, Leicester

26 04


Interfun Expo – UK

Royal Armouries, Leeds)

25 03


25-27 march 2021

China Attractions Expo 2021

Beijing - China

19 02


19-20 February 2020

Muni-Expo 2020 (Tel Aviv, Israel)

13 02


13-15 February 2020

Gardenia 2020 (Poznań, Poland)

06 02


6th February 2020

Public Space Day (Brussels, Belgium)