Site: Bridgford Park

Budget: £20,000

Age Range: All

Date Opened: 07-Jul-2011

Bridgford Park, in West Bridgford, Nottingham, is a focal point of the area and needed refurbishment. Rushcliffe Borough Council wanted to revamp the park so that the facilities catered for adults as well as children. With this in mind, a brief was set for outdoor fitness equipment that is free and easy to use whilst remaining durable and aesthetically pleasing.

Proludic presented its Vitality range, which is part of a larger social fitness offering, developed specifically to encourage fitness activities in outdoor spaces. The structures of the Trim Trail form a circuit where users can customise their workouts according to their ability. The project was completed in May 2011 and has been wonderfully received. This green space is important to all the residents of West Bridgford and local organisations such as South Notts College (SNC) who use the facilities regularly with their students for practical sessions.

Proludic allows outdoor personal training sessions to be even more exciting and varied with the range of equipment, specifically made for fitness training, becoming available in parks. The variety of equipment allows us to perform different routines with each session.

Bridgette Jones, SNC Course Leader

Fantastic Way to get fit this summer! Everyone should give it a try. It’s fun and active – it’s brilliant!

Jake Wood, South Nottingham College studying CYQ Level 3 Diploma Personal Training Course

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