We have created the reference J517 in our "Cableways" range. This play equipment is accessible from 4 years. It can accommodate up to 2 users.

The size of the module is: 30.57 m length, 2.43 m width, 4.19 m. high. The free fall height (FFH) is 1.40 m.

7 play functions

getting across
Getting across x2
 Succeeding in this activity allows the child to gain self-confidence and make them want to progress in more complex traversing movements.
Sliding x2
Slipping never goes out of style. On a classic slide or a sliding pole, on your stomach, on your back, as you please.
Meeting x1
By playing together, children learn how to interact with other personalities and behaviors.
Hanging x2
This fun activity allows you to explore a new way of playing, of managing space and the void below.


Age range: 4+
Number of users: 2 users
FFH : 1.40 m
Size: 30.57 x 2.43 x 4.19 m

Equipment installation

Number of installers: 2
Installation time: 30:00:00
Concrete volume: 6.00 m3
Surface: 146.00 m2
Total weight: 707.76 kg
Weight of the heaviest element: 111.00 kg

Environmental Indicators



9.06 /10


The products in our catalogues all comply with current European standards and are TÜV approved. Our website offers many additional configurations for which Proludic certifies compliance.
Side view
Side view
View from above
View from above


The cableway beams

The cableway beams , 250x100x4mm, are made of galvanised steel with the ends covered with a polyethylene cap. The correct tension of the 10mm diameter galvanized steel... cable is easily maintained via a ratchet system. Read more

The trolley

The trolley is made of stainless steel ensuring its durability. The trolley wheels are made of polyamide, reducing noise levels during usage. The braking... mechanism of the pulley ensures that it rests in a stationary position when no force is applied. Read more

The cableway seat

The cableway seat is made of shock absorbing honeycomb rubber. The supporting chain is made from galvanised steel and covered with a protective plastic coating.

The tubes

The tubes are made of 60mm diameter steel.

The platforms

The platforms are made from a 12.5mm thick textured and non-slip compact material (HPL).

The tubes of the ladder

The tubes of the ladder are made of 40mm diameter stainless steel, guaranteeing lasting durability and reliability of the equipment.

The fixings

The fixings are made of stainless or plated steel and protected by anti-vandalism polyamide caps.