Article published on 2 April 2019

With physical activity among teenagers and adults at alarmingly low levels in the UK, we need to do all that we can to encourage people to get moving and having fun – our health and that of our children depends on it!

The Dynamic Structures simulate exhilarating sensations from extreme sports like kitesurfing, rock climbing and skateboarding. The structures encourage users to push themselves to the limit, set competitive challenges and have fun with their friends or family. The challenge, thrill and physical exertion needed to master the equipment have made the Dynamic Structures range a popular choice with teenagers and older children – girls and boys. Even adults want to give it a go!

Proludic’s Dynamic Structures get everybody moving, talking, laughing and are ideal for inclusion in any park or leisure area.

The different modules enable designers to create recreational areas for teenagers where they can get together, be active and socialise. The Dynamic Structures equipment can also be used in regional play environments to create multigenerational leisure areas. Proludic Meeting Points and Multi-Use Sports Areas can also be provided to enhance recreational opportunities for teenagers.

Proludic aims to satisfy the specific needs of teenagers through its unique Dynamic Structures range. They are the ideal choice for stimulating activity and extending the range of users in skateparks, sports and fitness areas.

For further technical information on each Dynamic Structure click HERE. Watch our individual Dynamic Equipment videos here – Rodeoboard – Turnfly – Altima – Aeroskate – Skysurf:

For further information on including Dynamic Structures in your next project please contact Proludic HERE or at


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