The importance of open space play in housing estates

At Proludic, we believe having access to high quality play provision in open spaces is essential to all children growing up.

Oxfam Scotland created a Humankind Index as a new measure of prosperity and what matters to people. The most important assets in people’s lives according to Oxfam’s consultations are:

  • An affordable, decent and safe home
  • Good physical and mental health
  • Living in a neighbourhood where you can enjoy going outside and having a clean and healthy environment
  • Having satisfying work to do (whether paid or unpaid); having good relationships with family and friends; feeling that you and those you care about are safe; access to green and wild spaces; and community spaces and play areas.

The index showed that local measures are key to people living well. Local measures like communal play spaces are essential to children. They ensure they have an alternative to the world of technology, that they gain some physical exercise in the fresh air but also just have fun and be children.

We work in partnership with Housing Associations and Local Authorities to ensure a comprehensive consultation is undertaken so that age appropriate play is provided to blend in with housing environments and ensure children get this access to play facilities.

We have installed several successful play spaces in housing estates across London – demonstrating our experience in this sector. Our metal Ixo multi-play range is an ideal solution for these types of play spaces as it s durable, strong, has lots of varied play activities available an can accommodate a high number of children at any one time. It has a modern look and feel to it that compliments urban environments.

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