Article published on 23 September 2020

Proludic are one of the market leaders for working with some of the largest housebuilders within the UK. Using our existing great relationships with local authorities – we are able to ensure smooth sign off processes for a stress free play area hand over.

Over the last 10 years of working with housebuilders we have seen a design progression in the look and feel of outdoor play and fitness equipment. Gone are the days when you would just install ‘KFC’ (Kit, Fence and Carpet) style playground equipment to tick a box.

We have a large suite of products and services that fully meet all the current LAP, LEAP and NEAP requirements and they also do it style. As a design led company we are pleased that many new housing developments now consider the aesthetics of the play equipment and try and blend it into the new surroundings.

A selection of some of our latest installs from around the country are shown below.

Which are your favourites?

We have a wonderful housing brochure which explains the processes we take in more detail and also talk you through the standards for each requirement – LAP, LEAP and NEAP.

Proludic Inspiring Through Play Campaign Housebuilders Build Your Savings and Reduce Time White on Blue Child Swinging Graphic Cover


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