Conducting a consultation with the local community, especially the younger generation, is a vital aspect of creating a new play or sports space, for several reasons:

  • Discovering what the local residents need from the proposed area
  • Ensuring that it is not simply a ‘box-ticking’ exercise
  • Creating a design as a result of the consultation findings
  • Fulfilling the identified ‘need’ creates a successful and sustainable play or sports space
  • At Proludic we believe strongly that the beneficiaries of a play space have the right to participate in the design process. This ensures that as a play company we can provide the local community with exactly what they need.

There are a variety of events that can be organised to draw in the crowds from the local community and find out exactly what they want from their play area. These can include Questionnaires, Social Events and Arts & Crafts activities.

We have played an active role in several playground consultations throughout England and Wales. The video below is a great example of one in action, showing how much fun the community can have in creating their perfect playspace.

Our brand new ‘Funding & Community Engagement Guide’ features much more information on the whole process from how to gain funding for your play area through to consultation tips. Please visit our Funding page for further details.