Aviation themed playground with swings, a play tower with slide and other various playground equipment

Site: Haddington Close, Halton Camp, HP22 5QA

Client: VIVO Defence Services

Budget: £125,000

Age Range: Toddler, Junior

Date Opened: 28-October-2022

Ranges: BiiBox, City

The Haddington Close play area refurbishment project was delivered on behalf of VIVO Defence Services as part of their ongoing playpark improvement programme. The playpark falls within Wendover PC who worked together with VIVO and Proludic to procure the playground project, oversee the design and deliver this amazing project

The location is in a large public open space that is well-used by the local community and improving this tired space was important to them as the play park was well-used until it fell into disrepair and was consequently decommissioned.

The playground on Haddington Close, Halton gives the community a unique way to interact with the space with its themed Royal Air Force design that reflects the nearby military station. The play space boasts a bounty of play units with inclusive elements such as a wheelchair inclusive roundabout and sensory boards. Lastly, traditional playground equipment such as swings, a seesaw and a pod swing are included to maintain an aspect of tradition throughout the playground

Anne Parkin, Key Accounts Manager, Proludic Ltd

The client’s brief for this space requested that the new play area had a strong aviation theme running throughout, referencing the local connections with the RAF base nearby. It was also to be designed to engage children up to 12 years of age.

Therefore, the design reflected the aviation theme using bespoke equipment pieces, such as a helicopter multiplay unit coupled with challenging dynamic equipment to encourage more of a focus on the physical side of play. Colourful graphics were laid within the safer surfacing wetpour to link further to this locally tied aviation theme with additional references to the distinctive RAF logo.

A central 5-metre-high single pyramid climbing net (J4807) serves as a beacon for play for the children as they approach the park. The RAF roundel identifiers are also represented through raised wetpour mounds which are great for socialising and playing upon.

A cantilever swing (J444) located at one end of the park also encourages social and interactive play across the ages, 5 users can be seated within the pod at any one time. The play area is zoned so the children can feel safe playing in their selected space encouraging harmonious play.

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