Site: Radford Crescent, Billericay, CM12 0BW

Client: Basildon Council

Budget: £161,000

Age Range: Toddler & Junior

Date Opened: 18-July-2023

Ranges: Bespoke, IXO, Diabolo

The Basildon Council initiated a tender process for the refurbishment of the picturesque Lake Meadows Park and Playground Area. The playground’s design aimed to weave a captivating tale about a Wizard and Dragon residing at Lake Meadows, a narrative crafted by the local Friends of Group. Through carefully chosen equipment and design elements, this magical story was brought to life, infusing the area with imagination and creativity.

The revitalised space now boasts fully flush accessible safety surfacing, ensuring that all users can easily access every piece of equipment. Additionally, a wealth of new playground features has been introduced, including a custom-made twin castle multiplay unit towering at 4 meters in height, an inclusive seesaw (J987), and an ACTI’Ninja aerial crossing with Sky Rail (J5913), to name just a few. As you navigate the playground, you’ll also have the opportunity to engage with ‘The Wizard, the Dragon, and the Lost Eggs’ storyline—can you locate all the hidden eggs?

Throughout the Lake Meadows play area, children will encounter bespoke wizard-themed sensory boards and interactive panels, a height chart cleverly designed as a dragon, and a chance to immerse themselves in the story as they enter. Proludic ensured that individuals of all ages and abilities were catered to by carefully selecting equipment with accessibility in mind, including an inclusive ground trampoline.

Proludic are a great team to work with, the communication is great and the aftercare service is always the best.

Rob Baker, Parks and Countryside Operations Manager (Basildon Council)

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