Client: Fleet Air Arm Museum

Market Sector: Leisure

Address: RNAS Yeovilton, Ilchester BA22 8HT

Budget: £150,000

Age Range: All Ages and Abilities

Opened: August 2017

The new HMS Queen Elizabeth aircraft carrier is one of the biggest ships ever built for the Royal Navy. One of the most advanced warships in the world, the new vessel will form part of the Navy’s surface fleet. To commemorate this unique vessel in the year of its launch, the Fleet Air Arm Museum wanted to create a replica carrier on its front lawn.

The carrier not only had to be realistic but also incorporate additional learning opportunities linked to the museum and its exhibits. Bespoke playground manufacturing allowed us to create huge carrier towers, an F35 Fighter Jet and a Hercules Helicopter. Grafic Games printing allows us to transfer exact details onto our play paneling allowing us to create a replica of the battle control panels and pilot play panels using actual imagery from the museum. Our Web Adventure Package brings a different dimension to the play environment creating an orienteering game in which the museum can create educational games to tie back into museum displays.

This has to be one of the best and most exciting play areas we have ever had the privilege to deliver. The client wanted the carrier to be imposing and instantly recognizable as you enter the site – and we didn’t disappoint. Working closely with the Royal Air Fleet Museum, we captured all the tiny details that accumulate together to make this a truly unique play space – well worth a visit.

Ben jones, Proludic Area Sales Manager

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