Site: Welland Park Play Area

Budget: £300,000

Age Range: All

Date Opened: 04-Aug-2008

The project brief for Welland Park was to revamp the area into a state-of-the-art play park that worked with other facilities in the area. The aim was to develop a ‘Destination Park’ where local people from neighbouring communities could enjoy the day out together.

Proludic wanted to create an area suitable for all ages and abilities and this is something Welland Park provides. The Toddler area includes a beach-style Hawaii unit with sand surfacing and a water unit. For younger children, this is an engaging area that imitates visiting the seaside for the day. Junior to Teenaged children can enjoy the Dynamic sports equipment on offer. This includes a Rodeoboard, which is a challenging item that takes its inspiration from Windsurfing. The central area of the park has an impressive tall Volcano tower with a tubular slide and varying climbing levels that all children can access. This unit creates a real focal point for the park and has now been named a ‘Green Flag’ Destination Park.

It’s raising the bar for play areas across the country.

Matthew Bills, Public Spaces Manager, Harborough District Council

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