Altima Climbing Mast

With its double grip system on the feet or hands, the Altima
requires a technique similar to climbing.

This play equipment is accessible from 14 years. It can accommodate up to 1 user.

You pull yourself up the pole using the strength of your arms,
legs and abdominals. All muscles help to take you higher,
assisted by the right technique and coordination! When a
skilled climber makes it to the top, almost 4 meters
above the ground, they can then turn the flag to mark the
achievement of reaching the summit.

This 'climb the flagpole' game is physically challenging for teenagers aged 14+ and is part of our Dynamic Structures.

2 sports activities

Hanging x1
This fun activity allows you to explore a new way of playing, of managing space and the void below.
Climbing x1
Climbing promotes dexterity, balance and coordination of movements. On the way up, the child learns to deal with height.


Age range: 14+
Number of users: 1 user
FFH : 2.80 m
Size: 0.76 x 0.50 x 4.20 m

Equipment installation

Number of installers: 2
Installation time: 01:00:00
Concrete volume: 0.50 m3
Surface: 24.50 m2
Total weight: 83.26 kg
Weight of the heaviest element: 65.22 kg


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Video - Climbing equipment - Altima Climbing Mast - J3503
Video - Climbing equipment - Altima Climbing Mast - J3503
Side view
Side view
View from above
View from above