Kingston Package Feedback!

Kingston Council are pleased to advise that following a  procurement process for the refurbishment of the following playground projects as part of the Parks and Pavements programme. Proludic Ltd has been appointed to deliver on the supply and installation of …

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Adding special FL-AIR to the Fleet Arm Museum

Last week we had the pleasure of attending the opening of our latest bespoke play area, at the Royal Navy Fleet Arm Museum in Somerset. As one of the South Wests leading tourist attractions – this unique play area definitely …

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Rothay Park – National Park Gem

Rothay Park is a popular park situated in the centre of Ambleside, surrounded by dramatic landscape that offers a gateway to some of the most beautiful fells in the Lake District. The park provides lots of opportunities for play and …

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Withy Grove 6

10 Years of Success for These Sites

Proludic recently celebrated their 15 year birthday as a leading play and sports manufacturer within the UK. We have demonstrated Over the last 15 years our ability to install some amazing play areas. This summer we are proud that three …

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outdoor gym

Proludic Urbanix: The Real Outdoor Gym – A unique approach to fitness in an unsupervised setting

The success and popularity of Outdoor Gyms in the UK has slowly increased over the last 10 years. Initially they were considered to be home to warm climes where they better suited the outdoor way of life for users across …

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grafic games

Creating innovative playgrounds with a unique look

How often do we travel with our children to find somewhere new to play? To discover a playground that has something new, a concept not seen before or equipment unique to its setting, but never find it Just as fashions …

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community space

Enhancing Community Spaces

‘Three quarters of UK children spend less time outdoors than prison inmates’. This statement came out of a recent survey published (commissioned by the brand Persil as a part of its “Dirt is Good” campaign) and is a pretty damning …

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Play is the only way

Play is essential to a child’s physical and mental well-being; it supports development, crucial for a child as she transitions through the key stages of life. Our local parks provide the ideal environment to facilitate this. They offer an outdoor …

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Genius Loci – The aspiration for play space design?

What is our starting point when designing play spaces? The brief, the budget, the environment, the child? In reality these factors will all have an influence but how should we prioritise them? In truth, they cannot sit in isolation and …

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The city of Grande-Synthe has opened a new inclusive play area

On June 14th, the city of Grande-Synthe (in the French region Hauts-de-France) opened the new play area accessible for children of all abilities, with the Mayor, Damien Carême, elected representatives, children and supervising staff from specialised institutes, families from the …

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