Great New Playground in France!


Proludic installs a great new playground for all ages and abilities in France!

The ‘Playground for all’ features 5 different play spaces to meet all age groups and abilities. Installed in the Mêle-sur-Sarthe (Orne, in France), it was opened on September 2nd and financed by the municipality of Valley of the Haute-Sarthe.


This vast area, designed to bring together all age groups, was packed with users from all ages during the opening event: whilst teenagers played on the Multi Use Games Areas (MUGAs), the Skate Park and table-tennis equipment, younger children were sliding on the cableway, climbing on the rope pyramids and swirling around the Hip-Hop.

For toddlers a dedicated space was designed on the theme of horse stables. This space offers a multi play unit featuring colours inspired by nature. A play house representing stables sits alongside a sensory play element composed of 3 giant musical flowers, and several springers. These play elements remind users of the strong regional symbols: the apple and the horse.

The Percheron (French breed of horse), that is represented by a 6 seat springer, did not go unnoticed… designed and coloured specially for this play area, it quickly became the major attraction for young children.

Close by, older users were enjoying a match of the famous French Pétanque game!


Many elected council members, representatives of local associations, and residents from the region of the Valley of the Haute-Sarthe made the trip for this landmark event.