Article published on 25 November 2015

Proludic Getafe Spain

Client: Town of Getafe

Budget: €260,150

Client objectives: Develop a unique, inclusive and landmark play area based on a copy of the C212 plane (on a 1:1 scale).

Concept: Getafe is famous for a deep-rooted history in aeronautics – in particular the production and first flight of a cargo airline (C212).

Bespoke design: Creation of a play replica of the plane – with the length and wingspan identical to the original version. The play area also cleverly reflects the theme as the plane flies in an imaginary sky with embossed clouds that support play elements. Games and information panels tell the story of the plane and the structure has been designed so that wheelchairs can access the entire game through to the pilot cockpit for inclusivity.



Theale’s combined MUSA and play area show off Proludic’s design skills

Article published on 27 April 2023

In 2021, Theale Parish Council embarked on a journey to upgrade its outdoor play area facilities on the recreation ground. The Council decided to replace the existing playground and provide more facilities for older children, teenagers and adults while reducing anti-social behaviour and combatting obesity in the process. Proludic was selected not only to produce...

Inclusive Play arrives on the Common

Article published on 15 March 2023

Lambeth Council identified a need to provide a fully inclusive playground for children living in the locality of Clapham Common. Existing play provisions in the area did not meet the needs of all users. Lambeth aspired to design an inclusive play area that would achieve a PiPA (Plan Inclusive Play Areas) gold award recognising a...