New Features for Ixo

They say that you can’t improve a classic… well we certainly have!

The Ixo range features a variety of new play elements that will help with balancing techniques and provide a challenging play experience that children will love.


Ixo New Features


The new features include:


Slack Line

Slack Line

This slack line is similar to a balancing beam, only more challenging, resulting continuous play value as children will continually try to master the beam in one go.

Rubber Ring


This roto-moulded polyethylene doughnut is fixed to the ground but suspends in the air, meaning that it is always a moving element.


Mesh Tunnel


Net Tunnel

This net tunnel is a connecting element to the multi-play unit and it allows children to use climbing abilities. This tunnel also helps children to master their fear of heights as the mesh netting creates a transparent flooring effect.

Ring and Pod


Pod Shelter

The pod shelter provides a sleek hiding or resting space whilst the doughnut below spins around so that children can also use it to rest or swing themselves on.

Two Rings

Doughnut Climbing Wall

The two doughnuts form a flexible climbing element alongside the fixed salamander climbing wall. The irregular pattern of the doughnuts and ropes creates a challenge that children want to master. The rubber rings can also be used to sit or rest on.


Doughnut Tower

Doughnut Tower

This element provides a new and usual climbing platform for children. They can climb inside of the doughnuts or on the outside. The doughnuts double up as seating or resting areas.