We have created the reference J482 in our "Swings" range. This module is accessible from 3 years. It can accommodate up to 6 users.

J482 – Hexagonal Swing

This is a great piece of equipment for individual or group use. Children love the play sensation of being able to swing towards each other. Also in an ‘anti-wrap’ option. Make sure customers compare like with like – competitors’ swings often only feature 5 seats not 6 like ours.”

2 play functions

Swinging x1
To create movement, a child must be able to mobilise their arms, legs and torso in a coordinated fashion.
Meeting x1
By playing together, children learn how to interact with other personalities and behaviors.


Age range: 3+
Number of users: 6 users
FFH : 1.40 m
Size: 6.45 x 7.45 x 2.45 m

Equipment installation

Number of installers: 2
Installation time: 03:30:00
Concrete volume: 0.54 m3
Surface: 58.50 m2
Total weight: 375.01 kg
Weight of the heaviest element: 35.64 kg


The products in our catalogues all comply with current European standards and are TÜV approved. Our website offers many additional configurations for which Proludic certifies compliance.
- JXXXX TÜV certification
- JXXXX* Proludic Certification
Side view
Side view
View from above
View from above


The 125mm diameter posts

The 125mm diameter posts are made of painted galvanised steel, ensuring robustness and durability. The caps are made of injection moulded polyamide.

The horizontal beam

The horizontal beam is made of non-painted galvanised steel.

The anti-wrapping system

The anti-wrapping system consists of polyamide parts and stainless steel collars. The swing bearings are made of stainless steel.

The swing seats

The swing seats are made of shock absorbing moulded honeycomb rubber. The swing chains are made of stainless steel. The seat fixing brackets are made of 10mm... stainless steel wire. PVC sliding rings are fitted to limit the wear of the metal parts over time. The rings are accessed by a vandal proof, stainless steel shackle. Read more

The fixings

The fixings are made of stainless or plated steel and protected by anti-vandalism polyamide caps.