Proludic smashes 1 Million Active by 2020 target through its network of outdoor gyms

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Since an NHS lead Health Survey in England in 2016 revealed that 67% of men and 58% of women were classed as overweight or obese, Proludic made a promise – to present 1 million people with the opportunity to be active by 2020.

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This alarming statistic urged us to increase installations of our outdoor gym equipment throughout the UK, providing free equipment within 1 mile of 1 million people’s homes. Having access to free outdoor equipment can have a huge impact upon a person’s health and wellbeing, and ultimately decrease the level of obesity in the UK.

Since 2016 we have installed over 100 outdoor gym, calisthenics and trim trail projects throughout the UK, providing 1,275,194 people with FREE sports and gym equipment within 1 mile of their home!

This means we have exceeded our target in 2 years by 12.8%!

Asset 5To increase usage of the outdoor gym equipment we have also launched a FREE sports app to use in conjunction with all Proludic gym and sport equipment. This app provides free exercise guides and allows users to track their workouts, as well as engaging with the local community and keeping motivation levels high.

We currently have over 5,000 app downloads and aim to increase this number over the next 2 years.

Proludic Sports App

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