Article published on 26 September 2016


It’s important to start a project well especially if you’re a housing developer working on a new project build that includes play. You need to know that your play project is complete on time, is on budget and that the play area gets signed off and adopted by the local authority with a minimum of fuss.

Proludic who is one of the leading play contractors for the housing sector has therefore addressed these issues by launching a brochure that will act as a one-stop-shop for all housing developers. This is not your average normal brochure however and includes some fun, unique and interactive surprises along the way!

The brochure has also been designed in partnership with Fields in Trust (FIT). FIT is a national charity that operates throughout the UK to safeguard parks and open spaces. In 2008 they produced set guidelines that replaced the previous six-acre standard and highlights best practices on delivering successful LAPs (Local Area of Play), LEAPs (Local Equipped Area for Play) and NEAPs (Neighbourhood Equipped Area of Play). This has since been updated in November and the Proludic brochure does include these updated stipulations.

Proludic is able to exclusively offer sample designs with budgets to make it easy to specify when required and has included all the necessary knowledge you need to know.

Combined with their experience and expertise with the Local Authority sector, this makes for an exciting resource that should enable any play area to get signed off quickly and efficiently. All of which save money and time. An important factor for any housing developer.

To arrange an appointment where the brochure can be presented please contact 0115 982 3980 or email quoting ‘house builder 2016’.



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