Our Origin range uses nature to deliver natural play experiences

Proludic has a Robinia range of equipment created by our design team and manufactured in our own production facilities. The Origin’ range comprises of a series of trails and multi-play structures.

The play equipment in the Origin range reproduces the very essence of what nature has to offer: a forest walk, crossing a stream over stepping stones or an uprooted tree trunk, a playhouse made of fallen branches, an adventure trail that includes climbing, sliding and observation. Here, children play in nature, with nature and using nature. Their senses are awakened and stimulated by visual and tactile contact with the Robinia wood.

proludic origin range

Modular in design and offering progressive levels of difficulty, Origin creates play areas that are in perfect harmony with their natural surroundings. The irregularity and curvature of the uprights combine to make each piece of play equipment a unique structure.

With its curved and rounded shape, Robinia compliments rural environments and park settings. It is simple to use, requiring very little work beyond sanding to make it smooth to the touch. Splinter-free and stable after prolonged exposure to the sun, it reduces the risk of injury and ensures optimum safety.


Robinia is a living material on which time will leave its mark. Ultraviolet rays and corrosion will lead to the natural ageing of the wood’s surface. Its colour will change and will attain a slightly different hue over time.

“The beauty of Origin within any setting should never be underestimated, the connection with natural Robinia wood for younger children awakens their senses through the visual and tactile contact.”

Anne Parkin – Key Accounts Manager

Proludic has a wealth of experience in the excavation, installation and maintenance processes. Our expert staff are dedicated to ensuring the success of each project. Their technical skills and knowledge of the regulatory framework are your guarantee of a reliable and durable installation.