Article published on 16 April 2020

The arrival of the recent pandemic has given me some time to reflect on my involvement in some very special play and sports ventures. Each one has involved meeting new people, getting to know them and their project aspirations, and then trying to deliver it for them!

The year 2020 marked my twentieth year of working in the international industry that designs and builds outdoor playgrounds, outdoor gyms and outdoor multi-use games areas. For the past eight years, I have been the principal customer contact in Scotland for Proludic Limited.

Local authorities, housebuilders, schools, community groups, hotels and various other market sectors are regularly involved in our industry, with great diversity in their demands and budgets. As you can imagine I have to travel a lot to ensure that relationships are maintained, and the personal touch is applied by myself.

It is always exciting when the site works are completed, and new play areas are opened to the children. This was certainly the case when I was fortunate to win the order to restore a local park in Edinburgh a couple of years ago – namely Saughton Park. Little did I know then that it was to be used for Proludic’s ‘Golden Salamander’ treasure hunt as part of our own 30th birthday anniversary celebrations. The park was an exemplary project to be involved with that utilised our Grafic Games finish on a locomotive unit along with a colourful wet pour design. Presenting the young winner who found our hidden Salamander mascot in the park that day with their prize was also a joy.

However, four years ago I stumbled across a project that surpassed everything I had done in the industry to date. We had a call from a charity group called ‘It’s Good 2 Give’ who were in the throes of building a purpose-built sanctuary for children affected by cancer, and they were looking to add some appropriate outdoor play equipment for the children and their families who would be staying at the Ripple Retreat.

This has proved to be one of the most interesting and inspiring projects that I have been involved in and something that has become very close to the hearts of everyone at Proludic. We have added additional pieces of play equipment on three occasions and each time it has been a privilege to be involved with this great cause, including the gifting of a puppy springer more recently.

As the charity approaches its 10th year in existence, they want to mark this occasion by getting Facebook page likes from where it currently stands at 5k up to 10k. If you wouldn’t mind, please help them achieve their birthday mark by clicking on the link below.

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Please check out the video here and visit the It’s Good 2 Give’ website here



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