Article published on 26 September 2023

At Proludic, we pride ourselves on our unique and innovative range designs. We incorporate natural play materials and the playground’s surroundings into our designa to blend in seamlessly with the environment. Don’t believe us? Let us show you!

As an organisation that champions sustainability, we adore our Origin’ Natural Wood Play Equipment. Constructed using sustainably sourced Robinia wood, our Origin’ units boast a clean and natural-looking appearance that enables the playground equipment to hide in plain sight, while still maintaining an eye-catching and striking display.

Origin’ builds on the very essence of what the great outdoors has to offer. Discover the wilderness as you walk through the forest, traverse a stream by hopping from stone to stone across the current or carefully navigate unearthed tree trunks and branches. These factors of exploring the environment are preserved in our Origin’ range in a multitude of play functions, meaning that our play equipment can be explored in the same way and beckons young explorers to adventure further afield!

Nature Inspired Play Environments

A view of the Origin' Multiplay Unit from the trees at Pennington Flash.

Thanks to the natural, exposed smooth feel of Robinia wood without the bark, our larger Origin’ structures not only catch the eyes of young adventurers across the playground but allow the equipment to occupy the space without adding bright and bold colours or sharp, ill-fitting shapes and geometry to the environment.

Shape and structure are not the only impactful aspects of our Origin’ equipment, as additional colours and tones add to the aesthetic of the equipment. Using subtle touches of greens and yellows through the play space gives us the ability to accent the play space with touches of character that are noticeable up close but merge with the background from afar.

A stellar example of this would be our nature-inspired equipment such as stepping stones styled as reeds or log stacks assembled to be carefully navigated. Using these methods to merge our equipment with its surroundings is what allows us to build and install truly awe-inspiring playgrounds that demand the attention of youngsters and communities alike.

A young girl crosses reed style stepping stones.

Surfacing & Communal Spaces

As equally important to a play space as the equipment itself, is taking careful consideration around the type of surfacing the playground could accept as well as adding communal seated spaces can further add to the space’s natural feel. Using a variety of different surfacing techniques and materials such as wet pour surfacing which adds colour against a natural woodchip loose fill section, can further add a sustainable and natural feel to any play space.

A view of the Origin' Multiplay Unit at Pennington Flash with the forest in the background.

Further to surfacing, communal areas allow parents, families, friend groups and more to gather at the playground while still having a full view of their children, friends or loved ones. This not only facilitates families but also discourages anti-social behaviour as this can be seen clearly across the play space and are less likely to act as such.

Communal spaces can also be added into a play space naturally, using large stones, boulders and edge trimming to identify a specific area of the playground. Additionally, communal space and play space can be combined in some instances to create unique, interactive sensory zones such as using reading areas that utilise themed seating or sensory gardens with interactive elements such as fun panels & sensory boards that help sharpen children’s minds, develops cognitive skills and encourages cooperation and coordination between children.

A wide view of the playground at Pennington Flash, Leigh.

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