Article published on 21 May 2020

Like many, we have been particularly touched by the extraordinary efforts shown by our NHS and key workers during this crisis.

To help recognise this and to leave a legacy for their unconditional commitment to work throughout this pandemic, we want to help support some of ‘their communities’. Therefore, we are very excited to launch our ‘100 Rainbows Pledge’, which will see us give £100 to a local charity of the client’s choice that supports an initiative where key workers, their families and their communities will benefit. We will repeat this token of our appreciation on 100 play areas* completed throughout the rest of this year. This will equate to £10,000 in charitable donations.

Children have used the rainbow as a symbol of hope as we have all lived through the difficulties faced during this pandemic, supporting the NHS and key workers. As our Rainbow spreads across the UK you will be able to search on our website to read community stories and see where our rainbow plaques are installed. Our Proludic Rainbow will feature as a plaque on each of these sites and have been created using rainbow handprints by the children in our own Proludic family.

The first recipient of the Rainbow Plaque will be Churchfields Recreation Ground in Chessington. We are delighted that we will be transforming this site into a modern, inclusive, challenging and most importantly exciting play area for the local community and giving them £100 towards a community initiative or ‘key worker’ charity of their choice.

Playgrounds are key for our children and have never been more important to provide children with a safe outdoor space to play. Outdoor play is key to children’s development and playgrounds provide the opportunity for all children to have free access to a safe play environment. Our playgrounds are waiting, the children are waiting, and we will be ready to celebrate the return with a Proludic Rainbow Plaque that will be a forever legacy of remembrance and signify hope as we all find our new normal.

To contact us and find out more about our ‘100 Rainbows Pledge’ initiative then click here. To read the terms and conditions * then click here.


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