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grande synthe inaugurated inclusive and accessible play area image 5 crowd gathered

The city of Grande-Synthe has opened a new inclusive play area

On June 14th, the city of Grande-Synthe (in the French region Hauts-de-France) opened the new play area accessible for children of all abilities, with the Mayor, Damien Carême, elected representatives, children and supervising staff from specialised institutes, families from the …

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Robin Hood event for Proludic's 15 year birthday image 10

15 Years of Fun

I am really pleased to announce the 15th year birthday celebration of Proludic Ltd. Established in the UK in 2002 – we have grown to become one of the biggest play and sports manufacturers in the UK. To give you …

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Rochefort example of proludic playgrounds innovative children's play equipment inaugurated navy garden image 13

A new play area has been opened in the Navy Garden in Rochefort (France)

On the 14th of April, the city of Rochefort (in the French region of Charente-Maritime) organised a very nice opening of a Proludic play area installed in the Navy Garden which overlooks the Royal Rope factory and the Charente river.   …

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