Once upon a time…

In the Proludic Research & Development laboratory, our designers decided to create a new tree in the nature-inspired Kanopé family…

 Since Kanopé is in blossom all year round, they extracted a tiny seed, studied it, removed its outer shell, transformed it, enriched it, then decided to plant it…

A few months later, watered with reflection, consideration and consultation… enhanced through tests and trials… the tiny seed awoke from its dormancy, germinated, emerged from the ground and grew into…


Discover the story in video of how Ka’Yop trees were created

Ka’Yop is a cross between a tree and a play structure that contributes to creating happiness and fun for children and teenagers through the wide range of fun and dynamic play activities on offer.

In this life-size tree, the adventure is played both inside and all around the tree.

The different varieties of Ka’Yop trees:

Ka’Yop Essential
Ka’Yop Dynamic
Ka’Yop Inclusive
Maxi Ka’Yop

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