Site: 30 Cleveland Rd, Brighton,

Budget: £120,000

Age Range: Toddler, Junior

Date Opened: 10-September-2021

Ranges: Vivarea, Kanope

The specification from Brighton & Hove City Council requested a highly inclusive playground design. Proludic undertook extensive remodelling of the mounds and walkways to create pathways and routes to improve accessibility to the play equipment.

Blakers Park play area is arranged in zones to accommodate toddlers and older users. The new inclusive play equipment includes our unique jeep with a retractable ramp for wheelchair access. It also features a wheelchair-accessible multiplay unit in the sand, with lots of opportunities for children to work as a team using pulleys and shoots.

Vibrant wetpour graphics showcase a nature theme as well as incorporate elements of history and culture, making reference to the local clock tower and the colourful houses nearby. The colours of the Vivarea multiplay units are inspired by a Mediterranean village which adds to the seaside theme.

Brighton & Hove City Council’s brief for Blakers Park play area, was to bring a well-loved and cherished site back to life and create a play space that was accessible to all. Proludic not only designed and created a truly accessible play space but included unique design elements that incorporated key features of the local community and weaved them into the design, ultimately making a truly bespoke site. What has been created is a beautiful play space that is loved and welcomed by the community and allows users of all abilities to play together as one.

Steve Hyder, Play Development Officer, Brighton & Hove City Parks

Brighton and Hove BC worked very closely in partnership with the local Friends of Group managing their
expectations and undertaking group meetings to ensure transparency throughout the build that took place
during the pandemic. This brought additional challenges which were faced head-on and resolved through strong
communication between all parties. It is a community facility loved and celebrated by all where the design is
centrally placed to meet their aspirations for play across the whole community’s needs. Its design brings
relevance to its location within Brighton and brings a safe, secure and inclusive space for all visitors.

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