Site: Walterbush Road, Chipping Norton, Oxfordshire, OX7 5UY

Budget: £62,000

Age Range: Toddler, Junior & Teenager

Date Opened: 05-October-2018

Ranges: Diabolo

A new housing development within Chipping Norton meant that a new play facility could be implemented. Chipping Norton Town Council contacted three play companies with a blank canvas and a generous budget.

Proludic’s local Area Manager and Design team created a bespoke playground design that told a great story with elements such as the dance Floss and Dab graphics that were incorporated into the colourful and aesthetically pleasing surfacing. The playground equipment caters to ages as young as 6 months but also aims to be as challenging for those aged up to 14. The inclusive play equipment caters to all abilities ensuring all children can play together.

Annabel Brown (Proludic Area Manager) was most attentive to all our requirements and a delight to work with.

Richard Benfield – Councillor, Chipping Norton Town Council

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