Site: Felmores Road, Basildon, SS13 1SD

Client: Basildon Council

Budget: £200,000

Age Range: Toddler, Junior & Teens. Adult fitness equipment

Date Opened: 18-June-2023

Ranges: Bespoke, Kanope, Dynamic

Proludic secured the project by winning the community’s preference out of five play designs. What truly set Proludic apart was their visionary concept, which included an extensive range of 40 innovative play elements, many of them designed to be inclusive, all capable of accommodating more than 200 users simultaneously.

Their creativity didn’t stop there! They breathed new life into an old tarmac area that was once solely dedicated to football. They ingeniously transformed it into a vibrant fitness zone and Multi Social Area. This rejuvenated space now boasts a versatile Multi-Use Games Area (MUGA) catering to football, basketball, and cricket enthusiasts. Additionally, outdoor gym equipment, callisthenics stations, and a dedicated outdoor table tennis area provide a multifaceted playground for everyone.

Proludic’s design philosophy and colour choices seamlessly blended with the park’s natural surroundings, making the serene fishing lake a picturesque backdrop. The final design skillfully incorporated this tranquil play theme into the park, introducing bespoke elements like a captivating tugboat and an awe-inspiring 4-meter-high Tree House.

Moreover, Proludic wholeheartedly adhered to the client’s brief, ensuring inclusivity for individuals of all ages and abilities. Their equipment choices were carefully curated to be accessible, featuring standout pieces such as an inclusive in-ground trampoline, perfectly aligning with the client’s vision of an inclusive and distinctive play experience for everyone.

Having visited the new play area at Northlands Park – I know how much fun will be had their by our residents…..With the addition of the ball games area too – as well as regular Park play and ATF activities – there are so many different ways that our borough’s youngsters can now play at Northlands.

Paul Brace, Director of Community and Environment (Basildon Council)

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