We have created the reference J2870 in our "Furniture (bench, waste bin, shelter…)" range.

The size of the module is: 1.80 m length, 0.43 m width, 0.43 m. high.


Age range:
Size: 1.80 x 0.43 x 0.43 m

Equipment installation

Total weight: 41.61 kg
Weight of the heaviest element: 12.70 kg


The products in our catalogues all comply with current European standards and are TÜV approved. Our website offers many additional configurations for which Proludic certifies compliance.
Side view
Side view


The seat

The seat is a combination of painted steel, 50x25x2.5mm, and pultruded polyester slats (compact polyester / fibre glass) 58x25x3mm, RAL 7004.

The uprights

The uprights are made of 8mm thick painted steel. The brackets are made of stainless steel.

The fixings

The fixings are made of stainless or plated steel and protected by anti-vandalism polyamide caps.