Article published on 3 October 2022

The established team at Proludic has over 30 years of accumulated experience in the design, manufacture and installation of play equipment and sports areas.

Innovation is a constant theme within our international group, making Proludic’s play equipment products relevant to the consumer while standing out from the crowd. The creativity of our designers coupled with our world-class manufacturing facility ensures that we always achieve original and durable solutions for our clients.

As a Proludic client, you access the expertise of a dedicated project management team. This includes your own local Area Manager, a Customer Service Advisor and a skilled Designer or Landscape Architect. Their combined knowledge and expertise ensure your needs will carefully be assessed and you will receive the highest level of customer care, from the initial planning stage through to project completion. Additionally, our After-Sales & Maintenance team provides ongoing support throughout the lifetime of your play and sports area.

For more than 30 years, Proludic has been designing, manufacturing and installing playgrounds and sports areas around the world.

True to its values, Proludic is focused on its mission of creating outdoor inclusive playgrounds and sports areas where communities can thrive, develop their skills and improve their well-being. Our universal, innovative, and inclusive play equipment solutions are tailored to meet the wide range of needs evident among children, teenagers, and adults. 

You can count on Proludic for support from start to finish…

Our creativity, experience and expertise guide every project from the play design drawing board through to production, site handover and after-sales support. Proludic is committed to ensuring that every play and sports area we create brings fun, safety and quality over the lifetime of the project. 


Our play and sports area designs draw their inspiration from our in-depth knowledge of children across all age ranges, by observing their behaviour and understanding their needs. Whether it is bespoke play design or something more traditional then we can help! Our team of designers is here to help you bring your outdoor playground to life.


We manufacture and assemble all our play equipment products at our production site in Vouvray located in the Loire Valley, France. With over 100,000 play and sports areas already installed worldwide, Proludic has a distinguished track record of delivering unique, high-quality, and long-lasting solutions.

Project Management

Our dedicated technical team plans and organises the projects, installs the play equipment and coordinates the different service providers. We continually strive to transform play areas into social hubs that promote and enhance community life. We continuously gather intelligence and research on our industry to enhance our position as sustainable innovators in the play and sports sector. 

Servicing and Maintenance

Proludic offers a range of servicing and maintenance agreements to guarantee safe, comfortable and long-lasting outdoor playgrounds and sports areas. Our warranties are among the best in the industry and reflect the superior quality of our products.


Our aftersales team goes the extra mile to deliver a responsive and professional service: 90% of requests are processed within 24 hours, and 80% of spare parts are shipped within five days.

Global Presence

The Proludic Group has developed a strong international footprint through its six subsidiaries and its network of over 50 exclusive distributors. We provide our customers with a premium quality service throughout the product lifecycle via extensive local networks, supported internationally.

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